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COVID Safe Measures

HILLS is implementing (but not limited to) the following measures to minimise the potential of COVID-19 transmission:

  • Face masks are required under the SA Health plan for:
    • All adults when indoors (except if it is impeding the ability to communicate while teaching)
    • Students in Years 7 to 12 when indoors
    • Masks are strongly recommended for children in Years 3 to 6 when indoors
  • Ventilation in classrooms and indoor learning spaces to be maximised by leaving doors/windows open, continued use of air conditioning (set to fresh air intake where available) and fans
  • Outdoor learning is encouraged where appropriate
  • Physical distancing encouraged where possible
  • Hand hygiene and wiping down of hard surfaces as frequently as possible
  • Minimising the requirements of staff to intermingle
  • Limiting non-essential visitors on-site
  • Minimising student intermingling across class groups in an enclosed environment, and spreading out play spaces wherever possible
  • Continued cleaning of high traffic areas
  • Temporary postponement of all large school events and extra-curricular activities.


If a child develops COVID symptoms, they must not attend school and get tested as soon as possible.

Action to be undertaken:

Notify the school immediately if your child tests positive to COVID-19 and support them to isolate for 7 days. Families should seek clarification about isolation protocols from

Families can notify the school of their child’s COVID status via the Absentee tab on the School Stream app. COVID positive notification, Household Contact and Close Contact can be registered. A dedicated email account has also be set up for direct communication with the school’s COVID Response Team – COVIDResponse@hccs.sa.edu.au

If you wish to speak with a member of the COVID Response team urgently, please contact the school during office hours (8.25am – 4.00pm) on 8388 7811. 


For the most up to date close contact advice (including household contacts) please visit the SA Health website using this link

If your child is identified as a close contact / household contact, or tests positive for COVID, please continue to notify the school through the Absentee tab on SchoolStream, or by SMS for Primary – 0400 738 405  and Secondary – 0477 006 500.

As schools are not considered Tier 1 or 2 sensitive settings, there is currently no requirement for close contacts to avoid schools for 7 days provided they follow the close contact guidelines.

  • The close contact is required to perform a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) on 5 of the 7 days after exposure and wear a mask when they leave their house. Please note that students who are close contacts:
  • Sometimes parents/guardians are not comfortable conducting a RAT on a child or may not be able to easily access RATs. If a parent/guardian cannot conduct a RAT on the child, the child may obtain an initial PCR on Day 1 and on Day 6 after exposure and may attend school after the initial PCR test is collected.

Management of COVID in our school

Schools are no longer required to notify parents of daily COVID case numbers in the school. However, we continue to monitor the number of COVID cases to appropriately track and determine any outbreaks within classes or year level cohorts.

An outbreak is determined as five or more cases in a single classroom (or cohort) in a seven-day period. Public health actions are then advised by SA Health and considered on a case-by-case basis. These may include:

  • Staff and students remaining in the class/room obtain an initial PCR test. Students can attend school whilst awaiting their result if they are not experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. The aim of this action is to actively find and remove infectious case/s from the class/room, while minimising disruption to learning.
  • If the school identifies that the initial PCR tests resulted in at least a further five cases or greater, the school may consider a circuit breaker where the class/room is closed for three school days. The aim of this action is to reduce transmission by stopping students interacting in the classroom.

Parents will be kept informed about an outbreak within their child’s class or year level cohort.

Indoor Assemblies and Chapel Services have now resumed in a COVID safe manner. For HILLS this will mean that parents will be permitted to attend but will be required to wear masks, and to not attend if they are unwell or they have been identified as a close contact.

Camps – overnight, intrastate camps with shared indoor spaces (i.e. dormitory accommodation) have now resumed. As per the testing, isolation and quarantine requirements for school settings, students and staff who are a close contact cannot attend an overnight camp during the 7-day period following exposure.

Interstate trips that are an essential component of curriculum (i.e. Outdoor Ed) will occur, and educators will work with their leadership to ensure all risks and contingencies are appropriately managed.


We look forward to opening the school up once again for our community events, which are an integral part of our school. We will do this in a measured and responsible manner to ensure that all staff and students have a safe learning environment.  Thank you for your continued support of our HILLS COVID Safe Response.


Parent Vaccination Resources and Clarification of Vaccination Direction