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junior secondary

a place of inspired learners

Our unique, open planned and innovative Junior Secondary provides an environment that encourages excellence at a crucial stage in a student’s educational journey. Students are introduced to the world of secondary School carefully and intentionally. Students enjoy bright, open and flexible learning areas, with dedicated play and outdoor spaces, and access to all the Senior Secondary School has to offer.

Staffed by specialist Middle School teachers, our well-established program offers high quality, differentiated teaching and learning that develops awareness of Secondary School expectations, whilst at the same time understanding that all students learn differently – every journey is unique to the individual.

The educators are privileged to be a part of such an important time in the students learning journey. They develop strong relationships with the students and provide guidance as they prepare to move into their future pathway in the senior years. They understand the nature of the adolescent years and are prepared to assist the students in utilizing their individual attributes, foster their values and equip them with lifelong skills.

We ensure that students aspire and strive to achieve the greatest possible choice of futures through an experience of excellence in pedagogy and pastoral care.



Learning Explorations is a student centered approach where students in our Junior Secondary select from 3 choices each term to be involved in a program that looks to solve authentic problems and connect learning to the real world. This truly unique and progressive programme retains an absolute focus on the social and emotional development of children at this exciting and important age and stage. 

Choice 1 – Service in ACTION (Responsiveness): Learn how and where to find problems that need solving 

Choice 2 – Entrepreneurship- Develop entrepreneurial mindset (including social entrepreneurship) 

Choice 3 – Technologies – Develop greater understanding of technology for PURPOSE 


the rite


Year 9 at Hills Christian Community School is an important year for our students as they begin to transition into their own personalised learning journey. It is a year where unique programs are experienced as part of the extracurricular program and a time when student engagement is at the forefront of the teaching and learning process. Students are encouraged to explore new subjects, new experiences, new challenges and new programs that they may not have in the past. 

A key feature to our Year 9 Curriculum is ‘The Rite Journey’ which is an established yearlong program that integrates healthy rites of passage to prepare students for their transition to into adulthood. Year 9 students are venturing into one of the most significant times in their adolescence and ‘The Rite Journey’ supports our students through significant physical, social and emotional changes. One of the key features of the program is a wide array of challenges (physical, spiritual, emotional) that are integrated throughout the year which helps to build their independence, self-esteem and resilience. Students are streamed into classes that are grouped by gender and the program is facilitated by an educator of the same gender which allows students to discuss topics and issues in a safe and nurturing environment. ‘The Rite Journey’ at Hills provides an opportunity for our young adults to deeply explore themselves, their peers and how they relate to the wider community around them through fostering mentoring relationships with key adults and their educator. 

senior secondary

a place of future discovery

The HILLS Senior Secondary is a dymamic learning community where we provide a inspiring, relevant and challenging program which builds on the foundations established in the earlier years. It is a vibrant, nurturing and friendly environment that engages all aspects of our students life and interests. Academically, we prioritise students pathways that lead to a stronger focus on future goals and aspirations. Students have the flexibility and choice as they take responsibility for their own learning with the ability to chose from a wide variety of subjects as part of a broad and well balanced curriculum. For students looking at a different avenue of learning we also offer links to TAFE, Vocational Education programs or apprenticeship opportunities that also build into great qualifications and future careers.  

Our Year 10, 11 and 12 students assume greater responsibility in the School community. This links in with our leadership program, encouraging positive mentoring skills and allows students the chance to lead and serve others in the community. 

We also offer activities beyond the classroom, including sporting opportunities, music programs including our chapel band, camps, work experience and community service projects, which gives the students the opportunity to build resilience in themselves and learn to work beyond their self-imposed limitations. 

HILLS encourages personal excellence, according to each student’s ability, and nurture students’ strengths and interests. Students are encouraged to utilise their skills developed throughout their educations to embrace the challenges of the world and approach the future with confidence.