Hills School Verdun Primary Education


a place to learn

At HILLS Primary we offer a vibrant and contemporary learning environment. Our educational philosophy operates under the belief that Educators facilitate inspiring learning experiences that motivate students to nurture their passions and become independent learners. We believe that all students can learn, surprise and amaze us with their understandings.  

While the core areas of literacy and numeracy are a focus, other learning areas are also highly valued and students are exposed to a wide range of sporting, cultural and nature focused activities. Our aim is to give our students a rich range of experiences, building on their current skills and learning to ensure their personal success.  

Our dynamic teaching staff have high expectations of all the students and seek to develop programs that accommodate the individual’s needs. Extension programs are available for students in these years who start to display strengths in the areas of literacy and numeracy. 

Our Primary students’ personal and social responsibility is developed through service, challenge and a growing awareness of the world around them. We help them understand the importance of not only caring for themselves but for their friends and the environment around them.  



the rivermont experience

a place to thrive

The Rivermont Centre and surrounding property, is immersed amidst our stunning natural environment. This ‘Rivermont’ nature based educational experience is steeped in a rich culture of community, sustainability and is quite unlike anything else. When entering the nurturing ambience of our distinctive classroom, you can appreciate the once in a lifetime opportunity that students have to participate in something so special. 

The Rivermont Experience encompasses a forward thinking approach to modern education that harnesses the power of individual learning styles and whole child wellbeing to achieve academic, personal and spiritual development. We are passionate about supporting and assisting students to develop vital skills that can be applied universally, wherever they go in life. We provide a rigorous curriculum that is creatively and seamlessly integrated with nature based adventure activities, collaborative teamwork and a deep connection with ourselves, each other and our precious Earth through our unique Garden to Kitchen Programme. Students are encouraged to continually explore and develop their creative and innovative skills. They are supported whilst stepping out of their comfort zone to take risks, to expand their experiences and continue to aspire in becoming the best version of themselves. 

The Rivermont Experience is truly an enriching experience unlike any other and provides a solid foundation of independent, lifelong learners with a full repertoire of contemporary life skills, resilience and knowledge who are empowered and ready to graduate into Junior Secondary School and well beyond.