a unique school

nurturing young minds

Our unique School is focused on nurturing young people to become outstanding members of their community. We provide a high quality education program firmly based on our Christian values.

HILLS is comprised of an Early Learning Centre, a Reception to Year 6 Primary School, and a unique Year 7 Centre and a Secondary Campus all in the village of Verdun.

Our Rivermont Year 7 Centre, ‘in the woods’, is part of our Primary Campus. Students believe this is one of the best years of their lives!  As well as the Year 7 students, the property is used by all ELC and Primary students for Nature Play and Environmental Studies.

We are excited about our future! We have just become a ONE CAMPUS SCHOOL with our Secondary School relocating back to Verdun. This development includes several buildings as well as the development of a ring road which will have a considerable positive impact on the current traffic and parking issues within our School.

It is exciting news that both the Primary and Secondary students will now have access to the specialist facilities of the new buildings – Science, Art and Home Economics areas in particular.

HILLS has inspired and taught children for over 37 years and is served by a delightful team of Christian Educators who value children and seek to nurture young minds. The engaging learning climate promotes curiosity, discovery, independence and smiles, with respectful relationships between adults and children immediately evident. Over 540 students from the Early Learning Centre (ELC) to Year 12 attend this co-educational school.

I invite you to contact the school and make a time to visit.  I would be pleased to welcome you personally.

Tony Fielke