Hills R-12 School Verdun Board


Pedal Prix Team

Pedal Prix is a personal development program that is embedded in our school. Pedal Prix brings students, teachers and parents together and provides participants with a sense of belonging in a fun and friendly environment. Pedal Prix teaches important life skills, giving opportunities to develop ability in leadership, teamwork, commitment, personal fitness and health. It offers students the opportunity to be involved in a program that is designed to be accessible, sustainable and cater for individual needs.

To the uninitiated, Pedal Prix racing is a competition where teams of up to 12 students race 3 wheeled recumbent trikes against students from other schools. The aim is to complete as many laps as possible, of a racetrack, within the allocated time period.

This year HILLS enters its first year of Pedal Prix Participation. Our school will be entering two teams covering both Middle and Senior Secondary school. The Pedal Prix team will consist of two fully enclosed and aerodynamic trikes.

Whilst we are striving for impressive results, the development of our students and our team operation, is how we gauge success. The core values of our school underpin the program and drive our progress.


We compete in the Uni SA HPV Super Series, which involves 3 races throughout the year. Two races are 6 hours in length and one is 24 hours in duration.

Saturday 14th May
Tailem Bend – The Bend
6-hour event
Bikes: Hills 1 & Hills 2

Sunday 19th June
Adelaide – Victoria Park
6-hour event
Bikes: Hills 1 & Hills 2

Saturday 24th – Saturday 25th September
Murray Bridge – Sturt Reserve
24-hour event
Bikes: Hills 1 & Hills 2