Hills R-12 School Verdun Board



HILLS is governed by a School Board, whose role is to serve God by upholding the Christian values and the Constitution of the Association on which the School has been established. The Board are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting according to guidelines in the HILLS Constitution. From within the elected members, the Board Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary and Treasurer positions are chosen. Other members of the HILLS parent community can be co-opted for specific purposes and tenure. The Principal is an ex-officio member of the HILLS Board.

The Board is responsible for the Corporate Governance of the school in an oversight role, where they are to keep their ‘noses in but fingers out’, with a strong focus on Finance, Strategy, Risk and Compliance. Occasionally board members will deep dive into an operational role for a short time, when a temporary working group is put together to achieve a specific outcome for the school, and a board member with that expertise volunteers more of their time to help.

Board members usually have a board meeting each month, or more often as required. They are also involved in sub committees like Finance, Strategic Planning, Property and Staff Consultative. They also attend regular board training sessions throughout the year to ensure professional development within the board. This role is a voluntary one that holds a lot of responsibility and liability for the parents who stand. The school is very grateful for the time given by the parents to serve our school community in this way.


HILLS operates as an Incorporated Association in South Australia (The Hills Christian Community School Inc).  An association has membership types and members as defined by its Constitution that legally sets out the operation of that entity.

Our primary membership is typically automatic and is intrinsically linked to those currently paying fees for students actively enrolled at the school.  The process of agreeing to pay fees sets in motion a membership application process.  All active members may vote at General Meetings of the Association and be active in Association Committees.  Furthermore, those who are not School employees may also nominate for Board Directorship.  You can read more about membership in the Constitution document


Tony Fielke, Principal
Dave Schultz, Board Chair
Ben Stratton, Vice Chair
Rebekah Cervone, Treasurer
Charlotte Palmer, Secretary
Adrian Dunkley, Ordinary Member
Reece Harrison, Ordinary Member
Jessica Mumford, Ordinary Member
Samuel Zevenbergen, Ordinary Member
Lydia Grobler, Ordinary Member



Interested in joining the HILLS School Board?  Register your interest by emailing our Business Manager Chris Taylor.