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If you have a 3 ½ that is bursting with energy, enthusiastic and eager to learn… Our ELC is designed to develop and enhance their sense of wonder. The purpose built Early learning Centre provides a secure environment for students to explore and discover the world around them. At HILLS we engage in outdoor learning and nature play opportunities on a daily basis. Nature Play is a valued part of our embedded practice in both our curriculum and outdoor playground areas. There is extensive research to demonstrate that engaging in regular nature play and learning outside of the classroom significantly improves children’s academic, physical, social and emotional development. Our daily walks and exploring through our natural campus environment, provides an opportunity for children to take acceptable risks, think independently and develop their own sense of being.

They can attend two to five days per week and the ELC program provides each child with a positive introduction to learning and a seamless transition into Reception. In line with other Kindergartens and Early Learning Centres, two full days are recommended for children as a minimum enrolment during their time at ELC.

The ELC provides a welcoming and safe environment, where we recognise the unique nature of each and every child. Each child is viewed as a capable, curious and intelligent individuals. These young learners will be introduced to a variety of experiences including painting, music, reading, role play, small group learning and outdoor nature play. These all work together to offer students to build on their existing knowledge and understandings. We endeavour to ensure the best educational outcomes and enable strong relationships between the educator, child and parent.

Play based


 Our Play Based Learning is an essential aspect of our young learners. It is the young child’s ‘work’. Through play experiences children are involved in active learning. They learn about themselves and the world around them. They are able to construct, test and apply their own understanding and knowledge of the world. Play is a creative process and it is through free play that children control and master what they have learnt. They are able to express their thoughts and feelings as well as developing decision making skills. Play represents children’s learning and work as well as providing fun.



HILLS ELC scaffolds its curriculum on the Early Years Learning Framework, focussing on learning through inquiry, fostering critical thinking and developing positive values and attitudes. Our play based, Inquiry focused curriculum empowers students by providing opportunities for them to make decisions about their learning, whilst pursuing independent investigations and explorations. Through the use of Inquiry we aim to instil in children a curious nature and a love of learning that will enable them to become enthusiastic, life-long learners.



As a school, HILLS has chosen to make Nature Play opportunities a priority through the purchase of the adjacent Rivermont Property. The ELC is founded on providing meaningful learning opportunities for its students, so we naturally take every opportunity to bring nature into our program and venture forth into nature as often as we can! The ELC’s daily morning WILD WALKS around the School and Rivermont property allow the children to observe seasonal changes or look for something specific, as well as providing a physical activity that stimulates their brains for further learning throughout the day. Twice a week we engage in our WILD WORK, visiting the Property and venturing into “The Faraway Lands” for extended exploration and learning times in the natural environment.

Before and After


The ELC opens for Before School Care from 7.00am. We also offer After School Care until 6.00pm, supervised by an Early Childhood trained teacher. Parents may choose to collect their children before 4.00pm for a reduced fee. For more information about this service, please contact the ELC Director – Rosie Ferguson via email rferguson@hccs.sa.edu.au



Our Vacation Care is open during school holidays. A program of activities is available leading up to holidays and can be booked directly through Rosie Ferguson on rferguson@hccs.sa.edu.au or 8388 1369.